Monday, 13 February 2017

A bag or not a bag...

As you saw over on that Tatty OG's blog, I've got the blame for her stopping tatting and trying something new.... Mochila bags!!  I showed you the other day a pic of the base I made.  That was after several starts with changes of thread, hook size, number of increases per round... the base has to lay flat and as you can see, most of them didn't!!  Look I'll show you:

It frilled... try again!

It cupped, try again!!

That's better, now the sides...

That one's been corrected!!

Well, I got half way up the sides... checked my stitches and found.... several mistakes near the base of the sides!!!  Grrrr!  I've had to rip it back (crocheters call it frogging), and start again!  So Jane may think she has problems.... so have I!!

Not my fault she wanted to know what I was doing!

BTW here's my crinoline lady!!

Chat later


  1. I think we're holding a competition as to who can undo their bags the most!!! It's good fun, though, isn't it? I'm really grateful you showed me these bags in the first place and got me into this mischief!!!!

  2. The pieces that cupped would make wonderful cushions! Wow, both of you going over to The Dark Side at once. I love crocheting, but must admit that I prefer working with thread. Apart from the odd baby blanket in yarn, that's all I've done - thread crochet. I like the look of both your bags though, so will hunt down the pattern one day.

  3. Hmm, I can see I'll be a doing a lot of frogging before I get the hang of this technique, though at the moment it's still languishing on my to-do list.

  4. And I've been browsing on Ravelry!! - what magnificent patterns they have there for these bags. Maybe one day.