Wednesday, 15 March 2017

I'm Playing!

Missed me?  Been a tad quiet haven't I??  One reason is that I can't post from my phone any longer!!  And this tatty OG would sooner spend pennies on tatting than blog apps!  I can create the posts on there, but need the lappy to post... and lost the ability to get into it for a while!!

Anyway, I'se back!!!

Ok... I'm playing with a pattern over on the Cariad-tatting site. A rings and chains bookmark with embellishments! Me and beads... dangerous when let loose with bookmark patterns and shuttles and thread!!

Here it is... so far:

I'll send another pic when it's finished!!

Chat soon


  1. Is it the two-layered bookmark? Looks good in that colour. I don't have any apps, I CAN - just - work with my ipad if I have to, otherwise the computer here plugs into the wall and lives on my desk.

  2. It looks pretty already!!! :)