Saturday, 18 November 2017

Oops! And a flurry...

I've been a very lax liccle tatter... not the tatting - the blog posting!  MIL has taken up far too much time along with meetings etc!

Onnyhow, I'm back! Betcha have all been enjoying the peace!  It's nearly silly season... you have been warned! We're flying off to warmer climes soon... 2 weeks in Tenerife here I come! I'll have to find something tatty to take, and as soon as I find shuttles and that Rachel pattern I'll be sorted... problem is I've filed the book somewhere safe...

So, what have I to show you... before I do, I must tell you about Big miss n little miss... now 4 and nearly 1! They went to Croatia for hols... had a brilliant time! And also Young Sir went mad and had his hair cut to shoulder length from waist length!! 

Anyway, tatting...

First off there was tatting at our lace day. Not mine- a fellow local tatter called Joan! And 2 other ladies who have 'gone over to the dark side'...

Then there's a bracelet from Annette- one of my students back in March! I'm so pleased she's taken to it!

Finally- the silly season exchange:

Chat soon!


  1. I remember dealing with oldies. Now I'm an oldie myself I'm hoping I'm not going to be such a nuisance to my kids!!!

  2. Cute little angel! What a nice idea to make an angel from a tassel :-)

  3. Wonderful tatted pieces!!! :)
    I love the snowflakes!!! :)