Thursday, 23 November 2017

It's All...

... Jane's fault!! Lol!

Well I have to blame someone for the tatting I've done since my last post! I may as well blame Jane because of her posts

Right, so unless you just followed the link and came back... remember the Rachel mats Jane has been tatting up a storm with?

I decided I had to have a go as well...

Now to finish off the ends...  I hates ends!!  Gotta load to do on those flurries in the last post too!  May just wind some shuttles with more threads to do some whilst in the sun....

Chat soon!


  1. So glad you've caught the Rachel bug!!!! I LOVE Rosemarie Peel's books. I think I've got them all now.

  2. Very effective colour combination.

  3. Love that color combo. The beads set it off too.