Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A bag full of...


Those of you that read Jane's blog will have a slight inkling about this...

Last Friday we took MIL out for fast food lunch... chicken place...

Now you get the chicken, chips, beans, coleslaw... she (and I) don't particularly like fizzy drinks, so she got weak, milky, cool, sweet tea... me? Black coffee! Paid extra for them!

Ate the food, and showed her how far I'd got with that monster doily that hid from me earlier in the year! Well, that and 2 Rachel mats were in my bag in the tatting bags from Thursday when I'd been working on them.

Put them back in handbag... MIL picked up her tea, dropped it and it tipped.... over me and into the handbag! Tatting has survived thanks to helpful staff and fast reaction by yours truly! Bags now in washer and tatting is dry! 

MIL? she didn't remember 2 minutes later! Yes she's ok, my clothes are in the washer too! She's where she belongs- at her home!!

I'd show you but I was too busy getting tea out to get pics, and it's splashed my phone as well!!

Where had the doily been? I'd sorted the cupboard with clothes in, winter jumpers forward and summer tops back... the bag with the doily decided to masquerade as a winter jumper! Hid there till after Tenerife! Then, of course we have the water issue... least the loo and the shower work now.  We've also just laid 3 rows of floor tiles in the hallway, so we have to keep off them for a short while. That should be fun trying to get out tonight!!

So... I'll chat soon, and send pics... promise!


  1. BUT you didn't tell us if MIL survived the 'wrath of Pigmini'!!!! Did she?

  2. She did but only because she doesn't remember!