Thursday, 28 December 2017

'Appy New Merry or Something!

Well I do need to wish you something now that Silly Season is over for another year.... New Year isn't so bad!  You can choose to either stay in and watch the TV or go and celebrate with friends (or sleep of course)... LOL

Not anything new Tatwise... not had chance since my last post!  But.... at least we can shower!!!  I'll show you the pics of the Evil Snowman in our bathroom....  Sir disappeared into there and look what I spotted!  That evil snowman ate Sir!!!

It's ok, it regurgitated him later.... VBG

He found fibreglass in the ceiling!

Anyway, the shower works, but.... no sink, it's off the wall, and no flushing toilet either.  We're using buckets to flush the loo, which reminds me.... what do you do when you want to flush the loo and the buckets of water are icebound????

Got a couple of amazing pressies... firstly Young Sir got me a new Coffee Maker!!  Russell Hobbs with a timer on it.  Drinking more than ever now!! LOL and second pressie came from Roseground.  I got a gorgeous Amanda D painted shuttle of a Christmas Pud!!  Thanks for sending it Pam!!  Also got thread from Ebay.

Oh, and as a bit of light relief.... Give you 3 guesses.....

Chat later


  1. Oh, I thought the first picture was from Star Wars. Glad Chris is getting on with sorting it all out.

    1. Shhhh.... don't tell everyone that!! VBG Nobody knows he is a real stormtrooper!! LOL

  2. Enjoy your new shower! That's your littlest little miss, isn't it? She's gorgeous and cuddly.

    1. Yup! Got it in one Maureen. It's Santa's littlest Elf!!