Monday, 2 April 2018

More ramblings, or how to make mastikes!

Ok, so I'm back!! Rambling as usual! It's Easter weekend and it's freezing!

Been up in Scotland helping Young Sir with wallpaper stripping, false ceiling removal, rehanging doors, furniture building... I was chief cook n bottle washer, sweeper upper and general drinks maker! I could write a book on the hilarity up there... but I'll be good.  His fish are now in their new home up there, and we're back home for a few weeks. Before we went, I did some test tatting for Jane... here:

Violets in the snow as my short version of her Flowery Bookmark.  The thread needed using up on the shuttles... and I couldn't spot the green! My excuse and I'm sticking to it!

I also made a bookmark from a Jennifer Williams pattern. It was in a recent Lace Guild Bookmark book... but silly me forgotten to take a pic before handing it over as a birthday present! Good excuse to make another one!

Oh, here's a pic of Young Sirs friend being a stripper!

One evening after a meal and before bed I decided to do a little tatting on that monster doily... made an oops and decided to take it back later...

In the car on the way home, out came the tatting and I carried on... then remembered the oops!

Took it back... but not quite far enough, started again, realised and ended up retro tatting most of the way home! I'm now back where I was when I'd spotted it!!

Shades of - warning... tatting and alcohol do not make good partners! Vbg

Chat soon


  1. Don't feel bad. I think I retro tat more than just tat. Sometimes, though, I have been known to throw it out and start over. You don't want to start the Monster over. Maybe a round. I think I cut off a partial round when I did mine just to fix it. It was worth it.

  2. You also sound busy and Jane's flower bookmark looks so pretty. Everyone made blunders on that monster doily you didn't have to drink to do that. But I learned you can take out a pie wedge of tatting to repair not have to remove everything back to mistake. 🌹💛🌹

  3. Stripping wallpaper must be one of the most terrible jobs there is! Making tea for the workers was probably the best thing to be doing.commiserations on the untatting, but isn't it a good feeling when it has been accomplished without having to cut! I have started adding an extra half stitch to the end of every ring because I seem to be doing so much unpicking lately. Makes it very easy to undo the ring.