Monday, 23 April 2018

Never Let...

... a Pigmini loose with an empty shuttle, some beads, a new ball of thread and a camera!!

Last week was the Lace Fair at Haydock Park.  Went along with friends, came back with... the new Liz metallic thread, a few beads and.... those clover shuttles that've just been released!!

Now I just had to test the shuttles didn't I??  And a new thread just had to be tatted didn't it??  And... Young Sir is now in his new house and he 'needs' some Mum tatting doesn't he??  Of course they all need to be done.... don't tell me you lot don't, because I won't believe you!

Young Sir is 'into' dragons... always has been... so I decided he needed Pam Palmers Tatted Dragon pattern.  The new Liz metallic in red with light gold beads would make brilliant flames...

This happened:

Looks good doesn't it??  The Dragon herself will be Black 20.  The major challenge is... don't mix the two together.  Lizbeth 20 tats tighter than Lizbeth Metallic 20!  I'm now waiting for the Black to arrive, along with a few other 'bits'...

Anyway, wanting to blog the metallic thread, I took a pic...

Pink??  It's Christmas Red!  What the...  Dirty Lens!!!

Took it again,  better....

Took it outside in the sun:

As for the shuttles, they're my new favourite shuttle!  I've always used Clovers with a pick, and of course I love wood shuttles 'pop a bobbin' type... mix the 2 and what do you get?? The new Clovers!  Brilliant!

So whilst waiting for the black to arrive I made these:

Corina Meyfeldt freebie on her website, some beads from my stash, and Rainbow Taffy!!!

By the way.... Thanks for your comments on the retro tatting... but... pointy scissors in a moving car?? Ain't gonna happen!

Apart from that... there's something satisfying about undoing and redoing after a mistake... correcting just because you can!

Chat soon


  1. Lovely work and with new metallics too❤🦋❤

  2. The sun really shows the color doesn't it? I have not tried the metallics yet. Do they pull smoothly?

    1. Hi Tim. It pulls smoothly and feels good to tat with, however it doesn't pull as tightly so 'turns out' bigger. It's not as flexible and would make great 3D designs!!