Monday, 21 May 2018

From elsewhere

I've been reading about laces... different forms of laces... needle, bobbin, embroidered, shuttle, crochet, knitted....

The argument goes along the lines of whether this appeals only to people who are mathematicians or scientists... or not!  

I think it's more about art... it's a form of creative art, whether it's worn or displayed... if we think it looks pretty we're more likely to want to 'have a go' than if we think it looks ugly!

Now I'm doing a 'straw poll' here... amongst my tatting friends, do you consider yourself a scientist, a mathematician, a musician or an art lover??

Let's see what you have to say...

Before I go... did you have any ideas on what I'm tatting in the last post and this picture??


  1. It's a foot! With Great Big Claws, and it's getting ready to run right off the screen. I wonder if it could be a mouse, running away from a very big cat. Or will be, as soon as you attach a head to the foot so that he can see where he is going.....
    I am definitely not a mathematician, I appreciate lace for it's design and beauty. Maybe it's because I have never recovered from having been given no choice at the end of my schooldays but to take an exam involving strange concepts which made no sense! I think the reason I love tatting so much is that it's all based on maths! and I find that hard, so I can feel my brain being stretched! Good exercise for the remaining neutrons.

  2. In answer to your question. I'm definitely no mathematician, hate music of any sort, not a scientist although I have a certain curiosity about how things work and finally I'm not particularly an art lover. So, what am I? An old git!!!!! That's all. Sorry to have been no help at all. BUT I do know what you're making but not going to spoil it by saying 'out loud' on here!!!!

  3. Sue, I suppose that I would be mathematician. I do trigonometry all day as a draftsman. And now I do it in 3d!
    The paper you laid it on says that is some leg. Maybe a poodle?

  4. I love numbers and math and counting, actually I count all the time. Love all kinds of music and art but I'm a scientist, Biochemist retired to be exact. :) Are you tatting a pony?