Thursday, 31 May 2018

I've just noticed

This is post 301!!

So, as you will recall, I did a straw poll.... it would seem that people who are interested in maths, science or art are the ones that responded... apart from that Tatty OG of course... who we all know is a thread artist but wont admit it!! LOL

Me?  Well I do have a background in the sciences and maths... but I don't admit to it!! VBG

Right, well, apart from all this, what have I been up to... making a Rachel mat... HWT this time, along with another one on the shuttles, and two more for when I'm travelling.  Then I'll go on a thread hunt again.

The leg I showed you belongs to a Pam Palmer Dragon!  Once he's completely finished and mounted I'll share pics.  He's destined to go 'up North'... but I'll tell you all about it when he's finished...

Now, I've been quiet for a few reasons, one of which is that a neighbour has been diagnosed with Dementia.  (about a year ago). She now has carers and if I get hold of her son I'll give him a piece of my mind!  He doesn't think that a care home is the right place for her... her husband answers the same statement over 100 times a day (I need to go home.... when she's there!!) and he is washing ALL the bedding every day too.  If he turns his back to go and get shopping, or washing in off the line, she's packing the car to 'go home'!   He spends all his time unpacking bags, sorting washing, cooking, unpacking bags, taking dirty washing off the line (she's put it out because it's 'wet'). unpacking bags...  Her son has told the authorities he comes down regularly to help... his idea of help is to arrive for half an hour on a weekend! He doesn't see the sleepless nights, the visits down to me to 'get rid of the people in the house' (carers), the bags, ....

Anyway, 'nuff about that!!  What else, oh yes, the router decided to get it's pants in a pandemonium!  It stopped working!  It's working again now, why??  because Sir decided to get a new telly and I pulled the wrong plug out and switched off the broadband!  Hey ho, least I'm online again for a bit!

Ok, so, I'm off to read about tunisian crochet or whatever bloggers have been blogging!!

Chat soon unless the whatsit goes off again!!


  1. Love the colours of your HWT. Are you sure it was just the neighbour who's got dementia?!?!?!? You could've caught it off me, you know!!!

  2. So sad to read about your neighbour, it's a challenging time of life. Hope it will be sorted soon.
    So it was a dragon! I shall look forward to seeing it in all it's fiery glory.