Monday, 17 June 2019


3 months??  Really?? Thats how long its been since my last post!!  Challenges of changing phones and them not talking to each other or the computer!  All pics are stored on the new phone and it won't let me access the blogger!  Grrr!!!  I'm having to save them to the cloud and then access the cloud and download them on here!!

Right, what you missed.... We went to Tunisia with Young Sir and his girlfriend.  Spent a week in their company!! Brilliant!  Took some tatting with me but didn't do that much.... too much time chatting instead!  What else.... as I said I gotta new phone, gone back to Nokia, too ouch on the wallet to get an iphone!  The phone is brill but the app for blogger don't work on it.  Flippin' nuisance!

Right, off to have a look at Google photos to see what I can add....

This is what I'm tatting.... it's a Jan Stawatz pattern.  Different  init... don't think it'll fit just yet tho!!

Tats all I can find!!  The rest aren't up on the cloud!!

Chat soon

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