Wednesday, 10 July 2013

And a Second One!!

Evening all!  Remember the bracelet I made for Jo??  Her sister in law - Melissa - is a good friend of mine  (we were away with Melissa, Pete & the kids and Harley way back at the start of this blog)  Harley has been one VERY naughty boy.... they'd got Misty, a slightly older female Cocker Spaniel, and just after they got her.... she came into season!!  Harley had his wicked way and the result was 6 bouncing babies!! 5 blue roan and one orange roan!!  It called for a card didn't it??  Not too good at making cards, however, this is the result after an hour!!  5 blue and one orange!! LOL

Anyway, back to tatting, after making the bracelet for Jo I decided I just HAD to make one for me!!  And it HAD to tone with at least one pair of earrings!!

This time I decided that the 'inside' had to be plain and the outside variegated.  Not content with that I also decided that it had to be four different colours!!  Well, if it's four different colours then it will go with 2 pairs of earrings... one of which isn't yet made!!  Another pair of earrings will be in my 'to do' book!! LOL

Anyway, here's the result:

Spring Garden, Jelly Bean, Orange and white with variegated beads from my stash... not saying I have a lot of beads but....  VBG

I also realised that I'd got a lot of Turquoise Twist on my shuttle from Jo's bracelet.... guess what I made....  Yep, that's right... Earrings!!!

So now I'm making a flower.... a lily, at least that's what I'm supposed to be making.... then it will just have to be Jelly Bean and Orange earrings!!!

Everywhere I go I get compliments on the earrings!!  We were demonstrating Lacemaking at a Garden Centre on one of the hottest days of the summer so far!!!  Anyway, I was demonstrating tatting and explaining to people how to make Bobbin Lace (a simple 'torchon' fish for those that are interested!!)  the number of compliments I got about the earrings and bracelet were amazing!!  One day I'll put up a pic of me wearing them.... that's when I can persuade someone that I'm not about to break their camera whilst they're taking it!! LOL  Some people recognised tatting and tatting shuttles, but not that many!!  with any luck we'll get some new members in Wolds Lacemakers, then they can learn (if I can manage to teach them that is.... be being a 'golly-hander' and all!!  VBG  Golly-hander means left handed for those that don't know!!

Anyway, back to me shuttles!!

Chat soon

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