Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Why did I???

... let Chris (my dearly beloved husband) grow so MANY strawberry plants???  I've now got to 17 pots of home made strawberry jam and I'm getting fed up of the smell!!!!  Sound reasonable??  Hottest day of the year and I'm slaving over a hot stove!!  Waiting for it to get to setting point now... (5th panfull in 2 days!!)

Anyway, in between stirring jam and waiting for it to set... I've been doing this:

The pattern came from Jane McLellan's blog... and I replaced the picots with beads.... I'm going to put beads on both ends and make it into a bracelet.  Evidently it is one of Jane Eboralls patterns originally!!  I was going to just carry on, but I ran out of black and could not find the encouragement to get some more out and refill the shuttle!!  Will post a pic again when its finished!!  The thread is Lizbeth black and Spring Garden both in 20 with beads from my stash.  I'm never sure what the beads are, I get packets of seed beads and put them in my storage tubs and forget what they are!! LOL

Oh, and as it was my birthday last weekend.... I am now the proud owner of 30 years of Tatting from the Ring of Tatters!!  AND a subscription to the ROT pattern a month club for this year and last years patterns!!  Howzat for a present??  The book arrived this morning and I nearly burned the jam!!  Talking of which....

Oh well, back to the jam and the hot stove!!

Chat soon!

PS  after 'chatting with Jane E and BC3, it's not one of hers.... it is all Jane Mc's work... think the heat got to me today... probably the jam pan and the smell of strawberries!!


  1. No, not one of mine, I've done similar but nowt like that!!! It's truly t'other Jane's although it might be that it goes with the name!!!
    The badger bookmark in that ROT book isn't 3D by the way. They made a BIG mistake in that comment!!!

    1. Hi Jane. T'other does mention you... just went back to nosey and it was featured on your blog.... oops!! Jam and heat getting to me methinks!! LOL

      See what you mean about the '3D' bit on the badger... he still looks gorgeous tho and I've got the thread....