Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Cards and Rain and Tatting!!

Well Folks, it's been raining here this morning!!  Not heavy rain, just drizzly, so not enough to really wet the garden, but hopefully it will have done a bit of good!  We had a thunderstorm last night that was rather fierce.... but no rain!!!

So... today is my friend Melissa's birthday.  I suddenly remembered last night, after we'd been swimming with daughter and bump!  I found a decoupage image on the 'net (but don't ask me where.... I can't remember....) and decided to use it on an ATC sized card for her.  For those that don't know, ATC stands for Artists Trading Card and is the same size as the average playing card.  They are given away or swapped and must never be sold!!  Also, you never make 2 exactly the same!

Anyway, this is the card I've just delivered to her:

Also, over the weekend (Thursday evening and Friday....) I started a mat out of the ROT 30th Anniversary Pattern book.  Got to the end of the first repeat and realised I'd made a mistake at the beginning!!  Hating to throw thread away, I untatted it!!!  started again, got to the end of the first repeat and this time the mistake was half way through!!!  Undid it again on Sunday.... I'm now almost at the end of the third one as you can see, and now need to replace my brown thread....

Patricks girlfriend is staying with us at the moment, Jade is a brilliant artist!  She's made me a birthday card and forgot to bring it.... can't wait till Patrick goes back through there and picks it up!!  I understand its got owls on it.... My favourite!!

I also meant to purchase one of Jane Eboralls shuttles at the weekend.... got busy and promptly forgot all about them!!  They're all sold now!  Will have to try harder as they said on my school reports.... LOL

We're going to a coffee morning on Thursday with another friend.... I've been good and baked a cake.... forgot about it.... think my middle name is Alfred!!  Well, he was Great.... VBG  Anyway, I'll have to make another one tomorrow.... can't take that one with me!!  Will scrape off the top and serve it with custard or something for a pudding!!  That means I'll have to make strawberry muffins as well tomorrow....  Serves me right for forgetting because I got involved with me tatting!!!

Hey ho... back to the stove, and preparing some more strawberries for jam.... and muffins of course!!

Chat soon!

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  1. Love the card Sue, and the tatting is looking good too. Hugs Sandie