Friday, 12 December 2014

It's Nearly....

.... Silly Season!!!!  You know.... the time of year where you suddenly find that nothing fits because you over indulged on the sweet pies, cake, biscuits, wine.....

Onnyhow, I entered some 'swaps' this year.... and the photos below are what the peeps on t'other end will get when they arrive, if they haven't already!!  Not telling what went where tho!!!  Just sharing the pics!!!

I've still to do some more 'bits' for the local guys.... gotta pattern from Jennifer Williams & Ring of Tatters for a tealight holder.... and I want to do that a couple of times.... and I does need to do some earwigs for another friend.... and maybe a pair for Li'l Ol' Me??? VBG  Busy, busy, busy is this crazy OG up 'ere in Yorkshire!!!

Well, short post, lots to do!!!  Here's the pics.... chat later!!


  1. That is a lovely shuttle, Pigimini, and some great snowflakes!

  2. Such lovely snowflakes. The recipients will all be very happy.