Monday, 29 December 2014

Guess What?

I know where Santa sends his deer after Christmas!!

We've just been watching 2 of them eating our hedge!! If Sir has got a decent pic on his camera I'll show you later!

Tatting... I dunno about you but I did find a little time to tat. Finished off yet another pair of earwigs and am now about to order the bauble book from the Houtz brothers!! I WILL get in 'that' club!! Lol 

We've heard that many places have had the white cold stuff over the last few days... We've had.... Jack Frost painting fern leaves on the car roofs!! No we have not and do not want 'the silly soft stuff' that stops Thomas the Tank engine!!! The kids wore the video out when they were little!

Anyway, off to find the earwigs to take a pic of them!

Chat later!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

It's Christmas!!!

No shopping- they're all shut here!!! Yeay!!

So... Merry Christmas to all my tatty friends!!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Silly Season!!!!

Is upon us!!!

Now I know that those of you who read the blog of a certain Tatty O.. G.. (LOL) will have already seen that I call this time of year Silly Season.... I mentioned it in my last post as well....  and I'm sure there are some of you who want to know why....

It has NOTHING to do with any religion whatsoever!!!

Simply put, you go round the shops and people seem to think that their kids need everything on their 'Santa' list!!!  They do not!!!!  You do not need to bankrupt yourselves in order to 'not disappoint' them!  They do not need the latest clothes, gadget, game, bike, ipad, iphone etc., etc!  A little disappointment never did anyone any harm...

Besides that, the supermarkets are chock full of food.... this is not needed in your refrigerator, cupboard, pantry, freezer etc!!!  There is absolutely no need to think that you have to have it all 'just in case' someone comes round!!  They've done the same thing at their house and so do not need to have their stomachs filled again at yours!!  It seems to me that people stock upon enough food to feed a small army for a month... most of which ends up in the bin when it goes out of date!!  Whilst we like a nibble or two, do we really need the tins of ham, enough mince pies to feed the 5,000, wine, whisky, sherry, or any other 'tipple' that springs to mind??  If you do not drink it normally, why buy it at Christmas 'just in case'?!  If they're driving they shouldn't have it anyway!!!

When I go to see friends, I go because I want to see them, have a coffee and a chat, a laugh or two, pass the time with them.... I do not go to see just how much extra food I can get out of their cupboards!!! If you like donating food, why not donate it to somewhere that's deserving instead of the bin!!  Cat food and dog food are gratefully received by the local sanctuary.... or volunteer to take the dogs for a walk if you can... you and your family enjoy the exercise and the fresh air and the animal gets human contact!!  It costs enough in petrol to get to the sanctuary if it isn't in walking distance, and costs not much other than time and a little in shoe leather!!

So, instead of everyone going 'mad' on a spending spree, why not simply spend the time with your family, your friends, the elderly or single person down the street.... give them your time not your money!!   Let's all make a pledge to talk to others, let the kids play with each other, send them out for a snowball fight or to kick a football about, or whatever is popular outside in your area.... lets all make memories for each other.... after all, I think that it was J M Barrie who said .... 'We were given memories so that we could have roses in December'!!

Ok.... got that 'off me chest'  I'll get back down off me soapbox!!

So saying.... I hope you all have a great time over Silly Season, and remember.... friends and family are the best things ever created!!

Chat soon

Friday, 12 December 2014

It's Nearly....

.... Silly Season!!!!  You know.... the time of year where you suddenly find that nothing fits because you over indulged on the sweet pies, cake, biscuits, wine.....

Onnyhow, I entered some 'swaps' this year.... and the photos below are what the peeps on t'other end will get when they arrive, if they haven't already!!  Not telling what went where tho!!!  Just sharing the pics!!!

I've still to do some more 'bits' for the local guys.... gotta pattern from Jennifer Williams & Ring of Tatters for a tealight holder.... and I want to do that a couple of times.... and I does need to do some earwigs for another friend.... and maybe a pair for Li'l Ol' Me??? VBG  Busy, busy, busy is this crazy OG up 'ere in Yorkshire!!!

Well, short post, lots to do!!!  Here's the pics.... chat later!!