Monday, 29 December 2014

Guess What?

I know where Santa sends his deer after Christmas!!

We've just been watching 2 of them eating our hedge!! If Sir has got a decent pic on his camera I'll show you later!

Tatting... I dunno about you but I did find a little time to tat. Finished off yet another pair of earwigs and am now about to order the bauble book from the Houtz brothers!! I WILL get in 'that' club!! Lol 

We've heard that many places have had the white cold stuff over the last few days... We've had.... Jack Frost painting fern leaves on the car roofs!! No we have not and do not want 'the silly soft stuff' that stops Thomas the Tank engine!!! The kids wore the video out when they were little!

Anyway, off to find the earwigs to take a pic of them!

Chat later!


  1. Well dear little deer have to eat and it's so kind of you to have planted a hedge 'just for them'. You're such a kind pair.