Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Another One Done!!

Round on That There Doily!!

However, before I show you.... did you miss me over the last more than a week??  Don't seem to have had much to say do I??  What do you mean, that makes a change??  Cheek!!! VBG

School broke up, but I still had meetings to go to.  Last one today until 12th August (I hope....)  This all took time out of the week, then we still had the Beverley runs!!  Made some bobbin lace as well, or at least one inch of it!!

Then on Friday night, some (IMHO silly VBG) people decided to have a cycle race round Beverley!!  The elite riders going really fast!!  Lots of them!!  All this happening when people were out for the evening in the town centre as well!!  Roads closed off for the race, and a few of us providing radio cover in case of emergencies!  Yes, it was pre arranged a number of weeks ago!! On Saturday we had the same sort of thing, but this time around the Yorkshire Wolds!!  I was providing radio cover on board of the ambulance!!  We did have fun though, the ambulance driver was bonkers so we got on like a house on fire!! LOL

What else.... oh yes.  Young Sir had his motorbike vandalised while he was at his girlfriends!!  Lots of minor damage.... it's not in the same place now!!!

Yesterday we saw Li'l Miss's new shoes.... sparkly green trainers!!!

Anyway, I suppose you are all now fed up of hearing what I did.... so.... I will show you the doily!! Here you go:

T'ats all for now folks!!

Chat later


  1. Tour de - where you live?? - How exciting, but I didn't see any of your scenery on late night TV.
    I am without a current project, knitting or tatting - I always dislike the hiatus, and can't decide what to do next. Your doily is inspiring - I like the colours. Eight months of baby wool, and suddenly nothing. Although I did enjoy tatting the Stork for the new baby's card!

    1. The 'Tour de Yorkshire' was last year... VBG. This was a 'Cyclosportive Super G' race!! Not as international as the more well known ones!!
      I do think you need to get onto that 'Tatty OG's site' and look for a project Miss!!! Hate the thought of nothing to do!! LOL