Monday, 13 July 2015

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday Pigmini
Happy Birthday to Me

LOL.... get the impression it's an OG birthday today???  Got to share this:

The card has been made by one of the School Mums and I just think it's SUPERB!!!  It arrived this morning in her sons hands along with a box of choccies!!!  Isn't it great??

The doily has finally had round 5 finished!!!  Look:

That round seemed to take forever!!!  And as for the ends..... Aargh!!!!  So... round 6 in cream methinks to match round 4!!

Now, I'm not sure how may of you are up for this.... I gotta challenge..... anyone fancy 'designing' this??  Not the whole thing, just the imp!!!  Yes, he's the Lincoln Imp from Lincoln Cathedral, however he's carved in an old tree stump at the North side of the Humber Bridge!!!

I'm thinking.... beads for his eyes, nose and maybe a bugle bead for the mouth and horns....  Must get my own BC3 off her sunbed where she's chatting to anyone who will listen!!!  Rousing her is a major challenge I'll tell you!!  It's the wine you know!!

Talking of wine.... Sir owes me a bottle!!!  We've spent weeks putting a second hand greenhouse in position in the garden!!  It's been kicking about in the bushes for a few years now!  Some of the glass had broken in the yard where it was stacked.... I cleaned the glass (and cut fingers in the process) and Sir bought 4 new panes.... the last pane to go in broke!!!  It's now fastened together with fish tank sealant (Don't tell Young Sir!!)  We intended christening it with a bottle!!!  In us of course!! Ain't happened yet!!  His card to me this morning shows hubby perusing the cookbook and saying 'I'm sure that's not what it means by Reduce the Wine' and the wife drinking it!!!  Cheeky devil!!!

Anyway.... I gotta new amateur radio (I'm sure I've said before.... but Yes I'm a 'Tony Hancock' (Radio Ham)!!!  It's Bright Yellow!!!  So I won't lose it!!! VBG (touches wood to make sure....) LOL

Off out for a meal later and hope to see Li'l Miss today too!!!

Chat soon


  1. It sounds as though you're having a perfect birthday! - love the card.My father took me to Lincoln Cathedral when I was a small child, I can remember being frightened of the carvings. A tatted imp would be more to my taste.

  2. I would love to be your student , pretty please (I don't mind sitting on those little kiddie chairs, even it means falling off them) :-D
    Lovely card ! Hope you get your bottle soon. And with the Ham radio, you can sing "Message in a Bottle" .
    We know another Creative OG who'll take up your challenge ;-P (with due apologies to said OG)

  3. Happy Birthday. Just LOVE that card. Brilliant.

  4. Your doily is looking wonderful!! :)