Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Glasshouses and bushes don't mix....

Did'ja miss me??  Haven't been anywhere honest !!  We've been trying to get a greenhouse out of the bushes and into the garden!

Yes I did say out of the bushes!!!  A few years ago a neighbour was disposing of a greenhouse and we said we'd have it.  We went away for a weekend and came back to find the glass in the yard and the frame against the fence.  Now we didn't have a patch of ground prepared to take it... so we left it all where it was!  Sound reasonable??   Went away again a few weeks later and returned to find there'd been some revolting high winds and the frame was flattened and broken in the bushes!!!

Anyway, there it stayed.... until a few weeks ago when Sir in his infinite wisdom (and the fact that it was cold here and his seeds weren't germinating as they should have....)  So he got the loppers, cut back the lilac bush to extract the frame.... when we pulled it out it more or less sorted itself back into its correct shape!!  A couple of minor repairs later and it was sorted!!  Breezeblocks were ordered and he dug the oblong to take them....

Now you know that law that states that if something can go wrong it will.... tree roots from an old sycamore..... around 8 inches across the thickness!!!  The air was blue when he was hacking them out of the way!!  The ground sunk and the blocks weren't level.... they are now!!  Frame's on and waiting to be screwed in position.  Then he can replace the glass that's still sitting in the yard!!  Might just have somewhere to put my tomatoes that are not happy at being outside!!

Anyway, about the tatting.... as you know I decided to 'do' the monster doily alongside of a certain OG who lives somewhere with wood dogs in trees.... LOL  She's well ahead of me now so I shall have to wait till she disappears on her 'olidays.... and hopefully I can catch up!!  However, I thought I'd show you just how far I have got....

Yep, motif 8 is in position!!  Roll on the holidays so I can do some more!!  Back to making redcurrant jelly tomorrow.... picked around 5lb of redcurrants off the bushes yesterday (no not the same bushes).  Then it will be the turn of the rasps and then the blackcurrants!!  Brambles (blackberries) are later... we missed strawberries this year because the flippin' blackbird was picking them for us BEFORE they were ripe!!!  And, I'm down to 2 1/2 jars of jam in the cupboard!!!

Right, back to making jelly I suppose....

Chat soon


  1. Dogs in Trees? - I'm not going to ask. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's version of this huge piece, they're all so different. And it's not a race........process, not product. One day I will tat it too, if I can ever detach myself from the knitting needles. Two weeks left to go, and the Pregnant Person is counting every one of them and wishing them away, whereas I want them to slow down so that I can finish what I have planned!

  2. Your doily is so pretty!! :) Love your colors!! :)