Monday, 10 August 2015


No.... not more of that darn doily.... I think my 'tat gene' has had enough just at the moment... she keeps insisting that rings like '4-1-1-3+6-3' are 4-1-1-3-6-3.... and she forgets the joins!!  The number of times I've taken repeats out because of it!!!  Grrrr!!

The 'More' is earwigs!!  We went out for a meal with good friends a few days ago, and the last time I'd found out it was Helena's birthday a few days before.... So.... I gave BC3 something to do instead of laying on that sunbed fanning herself and eyeing up the waiters!!  I made her get the beads and Helena's favourite colours of thread and remember the pattern of the diamonds from a certain Tatty OG!!

This is the result:

She was highly delighted!!!

Yesterday we went to Driffield Steam Rally.  Brilliant day out!!  Great fun had by all!! (Sir, me and another family friend).  Watching traction engines, steam cars, tractors, old cars.... 

I was also looking for a tarpaulin to make a cover for the chiminea.  Our old cover is looking decidedly the worse for wear!!  Mind you it is a number of years old!!  Couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but I found a cheap tarp and will cut it up to make a new one!!

Whilst browsing I also found this:

It says it's a stackable pill box.... I think its a bead/button stack waiting to be filled!!  It was £1 in a bargain area!!!  It's not there now!! VBG

Right, now to fill it....

(wanders off muttering about beads and buttons and thread....)
Chat soon


  1. You're going to have to explain that to me - you're sewing a cover for your chimney??? - but won't the smoke come into the room if there's a cover over the top? - we don't have chimneys in Qld, so Santa Claus has to have a big red key instead. Frightening I think, but the dollar shops sell hundreds of them in December. Non sequitur, I know, but I am intrigued by the thought of your chimney cover.

    1. LOL. A chiminea is one of those terracotta outdoor barbies that have charcoal in the base and a 'shelf' for cooking and the smoke goes up a chimney on the top. Ours is mexican and the cover that lives over it when its cold is worn out!! I'll post a pic sometime!!

    2. Ahhhh - now I know! Chim chiminee....

  2. Love the earrings! I'm glad BC3 was up to the occasion!

  3. Yes, would really like to see More ....
    of what this chiminea is
    of those gorgeous diamond earrings
    of progress on the doily
    of beads n buttons lodged in those cute pill boxes :-D