Monday, 31 August 2015

Another Round

Done on that doily!!

I'd show you it all but... it's raining and although its light enough in the tent it's too wet outside to spread it out and I'm not about to spread it on the floor where wet feets has been!! Vbg

As you can see I've made a start on the next round!!

We're virtually deserted on the campsite! I think there are 2 tents including us!! Mind you the kids around here go back to school this week whereas we don't go back till next week!!

One deserted field through the rain streaked window!! Just dawned on me... you can see Sirs coffee cup!! Lol

Right... Back to the shuttles! Chat soon


  1. I posted and a car has pulled in!! So we're not as deserted as we thought!!

  2. The view outside your window - (tents have windows???) - would send me scurrying to the nearest motel. I have narrowly escaped camping twice in my life and still, on occasion, remember the threat and think how lucky I was on both occasions. Have to say you sound and look quite cosy, perhaps your tent is waterproof.I bet you won't be invaded by a huge blue-tongued lizard as husband and youngest son were on one of their camping trips - too many beasties here for me!

  3. Your doily colors are so pretty even in the gray of the day!! :)