Monday, 17 August 2015


Now.... I know you are all wondering what I'm talking about.... yes I know I said holes.... but what sort of holes??

Well, on the tatting front you get holes in your tatting!!  They are masquerading as picots, purls, bead middles, ring middles.... get my drift??  Then there are holes in your ears.... usually found in the lobe and are used for 'parking' earwigs!!! VBG  And then there are others... keyholes, holes in the ground.... do I need to go on??

Anyway, on the earwig front, a certain OG who shall remain nameless.... shared a pattern the other day for cupcakes!!  I fell in love with cupcakes when they were buns years ago!! LOL  Had to have a go didn't I??

Here you go:

Strawberry Chocolate ones!!!

The tin is the one I keep my needles, beading needles, and other assorted tiny oddments in... like a pair of hackle pliers and a tiny pair of tweezers, some paperclips and a crochet hook....  It's downside up on the pic!!

Whilst we're talking of holes... I took Li'l Miss to the park last week, and discovered this at the side of the slide....

Talk about trip hazard!!!  It's been reported so with any luck it will be sorted soon!!

Anyway, back to tatting.... Can any of you think of any other holes in your tatting??

Chat soon....


  1. Sweet cupcakes!!! They should get some attention!!! :)

  2. Those are lovely cupcakes. Careful no one tries to bite one while you're wearing them. num num.

    1. In that case they'll be a December Prezzie!! Lol