Thursday, 28 January 2016

Look what I got!! And another instalment!

Sir has been spending pennies... Lots of them... Ordering Amateur Radios from a company in China where they're made! Today he got another delivery and this was inside:

I thought it was a real pretty gift bag and promptly 'begged' it!

Inside it was this:

Oh I do love pretty boxes!!

What's inside that??


An 8gb USB stick and a gorgeous pen! Thank you Sir for my lovely gift to say thank you for all the wrapping of parcels for postage!!  And please say thank you to that nice lady in China for sending it!!

Just think of all the tatty lacy images I can keep on there!!! 

Now some of those images could be this years TIAS!! I mean, its gone from an elephants foot umbrella stand, to Pigmini's undercarriage, to a triffid...

Which reminds me... For those that have no idea what a triffid is... It's an alien giant plant that 'walks/shuffles' from a book by John Wyndham!! We know its not really science fiction because here in the UK we have road signs for 'Heavy Plant Crossing'... So they must be Triffids!! Vbg. Also they were popularised by the My Little Pony cartoons in the late 1980's & early '90's... Called The Flories!!

Anyway, this triffid is obviously a changeling (from Irish mythology) because its now looking like  something I'm as mad as... A March Hare!' So Maureen... Maybe you get your wish this year.... Or nearly!! Rofl!!

Chat soon


  1. I have been jumping up and down with excitement since Day 10.....also just a little sad, because be careful what you wish for - attaining your goal also takes it away from you. Too deep and out of reach to keep rabbiting on about it, but what will I look forward to next year!!
    I love your gift as well, it's perfect.