Friday, 19 August 2016

And so to...

Do more tatting!!!

First of all I thought I'd show you this bracelet and pendant ... This time its a Jennifer Williams pattern which I was tatting to see what it was like... 

Pretty methinks!!

Then... Last Thursday evening that there crazy Dutch friend of mine decided to dispose of some green seed beads into a jar... And she gifted them... Look!!

It's Janes Starry Button pattern with a few beads removed along with the button and replaced with a Tibetan spacer!!

Anyway, may be quiet next week... Off to Italy for a few days hols!  Yes, of course the shuttles are travelling too!! Can't be on bus journeys for 4 days without shuttles can I!?!?!

Chat soon


  1. Have a good holiday! - and lots of pictures please, to share when you return.

  2. Very nice! Saw your work on the 25 motif blog.