Tuesday, 9 August 2016

This is another one...

Or maybe it's the same one... or different, or....

Oh I give in!!!  I'll just show you in a minute!!  You see a certain Tatty OG 'somewhere down south' is to blame!!!  She shows bracelets on her blog every so often and it sets me off!!!  So, I had thread, I had beads, I had buttons, I found 2 empty shuttles after much hunting....

This is what happened when I mixed them...

It's to go with a dress Sir bought me recently... with flutterbies on the front and back and lots of summer colours!!!  Will have to finish the ends off and attach another earwig wire, and find a pendant whatsit...  Needs it done for a couple of weeks time... off to Italy for a week leaving the kitties in charge of Young Sir!!

Right, now I found double the quantity of beads I needed... Think I'll have to hunt some new thread out...., and beads, and shuttles... (wanders away muttering)

Chat later


  1. Pretty colours. Have the Italian government been warned that you're heading their way?

  2. Sparkly bling! - Now you must show us the dress too.

  3. Very pretty!!! Great colors!!! :)