Monday, 29 August 2016

I'm Back!!

From Italy!! Earthquakes not felt in Northern Italy by this Tatty OG and her OH!!  If they were felt, we slept through it!!  Horrendous for the people though... watched it on Italian News channel in the evening.

Right... so, what did we do??  Want to know??  Ok... I'll tell you anyway! VBG  Spent 2 days on a coach!  Leaving home at 4am and arriving in Metz in France at 9pm!!  Ferry from Dover to Calais, and the following day went from Metz (breakfast) to Switzerland (lunch) and then through the Gotthard Tunnel to Torbole on the side of Lake Garda!  Beautiful area of the country!  Well worth visiting!!

We also went to Venice the day of the earthquake... the water was suffering from the aftershocks!  Venice is beautiful and not expensive if you get away from either Rialto Bridge or St Marks Square!  Will show you pics of those when Sir takes them off his camera!!!

Returned home via the St Gotthard Pass to Metz, then over on the ferry to UK where it was.... no not raining... Thunder and lightning!!!

Here's a few pics:

St Marks Square... complete with flagpoles!!

Sir at the top of the pass!

Now 4 days on a coach is mind numbing unless there's scenery!!  So parts of the UK and most of France was flat and boring... Guess what I managed to do!!  I'll show you:

 No, not all of it!!! That there last round!!!  From almost the start to the finish!!  I will get that darned doily finished one day!!! Rofl

Chat soon


  1. Glad you're okay. Love to see those pictures from your husband! Your tatting looks lovely!

  2. Glad you had a good trip. Venice is spectacular. You've made great progress on the doily too. Onwards and upwards!

  3. You've been and gone and come back and I thought it wasn't happening until September! - clearly I didn't Pay Attention to your posts, did I? It always amazes me to read that people can spend four days travelling to Italy, a couple of hours hopping across to Spain - must be wonderful to live so close to everything!When I visited my son in Ottawa last year, it was almost 30 hours, door-to-door.Exhausting. Yes please, to the further pictures.