Sunday, 13 November 2016

Something to show

For a change!!  Back at the beginning of October I went down to Alexandra Palace with the Ring of Tatters.  We were promoting the Ring and demonstrating the noble art of tatting.

Now some of the others there were sporting lanyards.  Yes you know the one, Patti Duff's pattern here.  There were plain ones, and multi coloured ones, all with plain beads.  When I got home I decided to hunt for the pattern (well, I knew I had it because I'd downloaded it to my laptop), and then grabbed a HUGE shuttle (this one).

A while back I'd been fortunate enough to get a load of beads from a local shop, in holders... and they were the right size!!  But... not enough of any colour, so I did a 'rainbow effect' lanyard.  Want to see it??

Ok.  Here you go:

The thread was an odd ball of Coats 20 which I've had for a while, and the whatsits to go on it are simple...

Tatting hook, picot gauges, snips (because I'd stab me with scissors!!), and a pair of 'Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers', useful for undoing tight knots along with a 'third hand', (hackle pliers), more commonly found in fishing tackle, and used for tying flies.  At the bottom, I decided to put a holder...

Tell you what.  I'll show you:

Chat soon


  1. Looks great. I've given up on carrying stuff on a lanyard (apart from my name tag) and now carry 'stuff' in a small bag hanging from my waist (well - where my waist used to be!) via a clip on the belt thingies.

  2. Yeah! that's a great pattern, and your rainbow lanyard is tatted up so nice, lanyards can be very handy.

  3. I love Patti's lanyard pattern. I've made two off of it. Yours is beautiful!
    Linda in Virginia, US