Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Have You Heard?

Today's news here in the U.K.?  4 presents.. 

Something they want,
Something they need,
Something to wear,
Something to read!

Now, those of you who read this blog regularly will know that sometime in Silly Season I have a rant about the amount of money that's wasted on gifts and food that isn't necessary!  Think the reporters or Santa has been reading it too! 

At last somebody has listened!! LOL.

Now the food... don't do it! Don't buy enough to feed the army for 6 months! You don't need it!

Give the money to charity if you're feeling guilty!

On a lighter note... I've got a new to me phone that blogger runs on again! Young Sirs phone went faulty and he uses it for work... Sir managed to get it working again and now I own a bright green iPhone 5c!! It didn't help that back in October sir visited the science museum and sent me a pic to show that that was where my phone belonged! Cheeky thing!! The final straw was that I could no longer use the apps. They refused to work and blog writer was among em! And that wasn't good!!

Onnyhow this is written using the new app!!

One happy liccle Pigmini!

Chat later


  1. That's the formula I have always used! - it works.
    My phone lives in the car for flat tyre reporting and is so ancient that I read in the paper just last week that service to these models is shortly to be discontinued.
    I have a choice - I cam disconnect or tether myself to a new one. Which will also live in the car.

  2. I SOOOO agree about the silly season. My pet hate is cards. I don't like writing them even though I send less than a dozen and I DON'T like getting them either!!!! I'm a miserable OG. Such a waste of money. which would be better spent on something else like a bottle of gin, for instance!!!! Glad you've inherited a new phone - I saw it last Saturday and it really IS GREEN!!!