Saturday, 17 December 2016

Did you see?

Over here that a Certain Tatty OG has finally gotten around to making earwigs out of this pattern??

Dread to think how many pairs of earwigs I've made from it over the past few years!! (Just had a quick count on my earwig stand... There's 11 pairs on there, plus ones that I've made and given away or sold!!  So probably 20 or so).

Here's a few of them:

Now to make the bracelet to go with them... Here's Jane's pattern... Finally!!

Off to dig around in threads and beads!!

Chat later


  1. I thought of you when I saw Jane's post - you're way ahead of her on that one!

  2. My humblest of most humble apologies, Sue. I'll try to work harder in future!!!

  3. I like the bracelet design, and might even try it myself one day. I am drowning in balls of thread - spent today hunting and hunting and I never seem to have the right colour in the right size. Maybe it's simpler to stick with plain white!