Saturday, 24 December 2016

Merry New Happy

Or something! Nope, not been on the razzle, just finished this set from the latest Marilee Rockley book.

It reminds me of summer and watermelons in the sun!!  And Holidays, and warmth and....  Oh and please ignore the two purple 'threads'... trials of getting 'second hand' phones with damaged cameras!!  Young Sir has no idea how they got there, but he upgraded his phone and I upgraded mine with his old one!!

Wearing the set tomorrow when we go to Li'l Miss's 'other Gran and Granpa's' for dinner!!

Anyway, all the best to everyone. Hope Santa brings you something you really need!! In my case... sense maybe??? Rofl!

Chat soon



  1. Just read this post. Beautiful, festive colors here! Great pattern by Marilee. Nicely tatted!