Monday, 2 January 2017


2017!!  Happy New Year!!

I've been busy crocheting all year and this is how far I got...

It's the first part of a pattern called Sophie's Garden and couldn't resist sharing!!

It's made so far from the 'bits' I had left over from 'the blanket'...  I'm sure I've shared this before but here goes....

Not sure how big it will end up.... I may buy a couple of other colours to make it bigger... There's a pattern called Sophie's universe... and it uses the aforementioned garden as the centre.... watch this space!!  Don't hold your breath though!!  I may be some time at it!!

Chat soon


  1. Wonderful colours - wish I had those in my stash!!! I'm NOT buying anymore new threads until I've made a BIG dent in what I've already got!!!

  2. I don't think you've shown the blanket here before - wonderful colours. I used to enjoy crocheting until my fingers began to hurt! Fortunately tatting must use different muscles, because that doesn't cause any pain at all.There is one pattern I am determined to attempt this year though: it's a filet crochet rendition of the Dreadnought warship. I spent months and months last year hunting this down and it was so exciting when I finally managed to buy the magazine - from the 1900's! - which included the instructions.I intend to make this for one of my sons who loves militaria and has a library in his house where it can be hung. I will have to do this work very slowly, just a couple of rows at a time.