Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Guess What??

It's all Lace Lovin' Librarians fault!!

Before I tell you what 'it' is... I've been reminded of something what I forgot to tell you...

Remember me thinking I'd told you about this?


If you want to know how big it is... spread both arms out sideways... it's that square!!
Well it was a present from Bump to Li'l Miss to say thank you for the toys etc... Bump is no longer a bump!! She's an even Li'ler Miss!! Born last Monday and I can't resist showing you...


Now what was the fault... 'Somebody' shared these as a pattern over on Face Book Thingy... Had to have a go didn't I? Look:


Right, off to wind shuttles and get ready for Jane's TIAS!!

Chat later


  1. What a gorgeous baby. Are you sure she's related to you? Ducking under the keyboard!!!!

    1. I have it on good authority... but I'm not totally convinced either!! VBG They do tell me that all babies are beautiful.... It's what they turn into that's the challenge! Rofl

    2. No they're not all beautiful but your granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous. Makes even an OG go broody. Yup - it's what they turn into that's the problem!!!!

    3. You mean they turn into OG's like us???? (Runs away laughing maniacally!)

  2. How did I miss this??? - how exciting, you have another pink grandchild to snuggle. Baby sister for the Li'l Miss. Now hie you to Book Depository and buy a copy of Big Sister and Little Sister. I was thrilled to find that it had been reprinted.


    And yes, Jane is quite right, they do Turn into Teenagers, but I still get hugs and snuggles from my 13-year-old grandson.I am not allowed to hug him when he arrives, hot and sweaty at the door with a gaggle of his mates on bicycles, seeking sustenance, but otherwise all bets are off.

  3. I accept full blame... if you make more than one! ;-)

  4. She is just adorable! And the blanket is too. They will go together so well.