Friday, 13 January 2017

Got 'im!!

Who??  The Dragon of Loschy Wood, that's who!!  If you want to learn about this little known Yorkshire Dragon, click here.

However, before I tell you about Los, I've got to show you this:

Somebody put a sprinkle of white stuff on our car!! It came in around an hour because Young Sir got in about 6.30am from work and there was nothing then! We had 3 cats trying to catch the flakes!! Crazy things!

Back to dragons... well, nearly anyway!  Lace Lovin' Librarian let peeps know about her ice drops, and I showed you this one:

I also did this one, (modelled by Luna the Loony Mog... she was asleep on my knee!)

and now I have Los!

Los is definitely a MUCH larger dragon than McVroom!  What do you mean you don't remember McVroom??  He was posted here, he's a Scottish/Norwegian Loch Dragon!  Anyway, Los is LOTS bigger than McVroom!  In fact, he's hiding under an invisibility cloak! that's because McVroom has gone hiding when he realised just how big Los is!! 

Ok, so you're wondering just how I know he's lots bigger aren't you...  I'll show you:

This is just one of his eyes! He's sleeping at the moment... another little known fact is that some dragons sleep with their eyelids open... I will say that you don't want to uncover him... because if you try this happens!!

The light behind it was made by Sir... small battery, resistor and led. He has the technology!!! Now all I need to do is think of something to put between it and the eye....  (walks away muttering quietly)...

Chat later


  1. Hello nice to meet you. We are a creative group with these Ice Drops!

  2. Oh Sue you do have it bad up North, just extremely cold down South and no snow. Love your ice drops, the craze has got to England then?!

  3. Yer stark staring BONKERS, woman. Have I told you that before?

    1. Yep!! I'll hold up my hand and admit it!! Rofl

  4. Your sleeping Dragon has, I think, sent his fire-breath to Brisbane. You have snow, and we are enduring humidity in the 80 percent range, and temperatures which will get right up to 37 or 38 by the end of the week. ( Celsius ). I think you need to wake up the dragon and turn his breath in another direction .Thank you for the curled ring version I saw on Facebook this morning. Too hot to tat just now, it will have to wait.

  5. Those are great Ice Drops!! :) Neat idea to make them light up!! :)

  6. Love your Dragon Eye !!! Sorry I missed this post.
    It looks like curling the ring is the same as Ninetta invented, except that another ring has been inserted ANKAR-style. Clever. I can't remember whether Ninetta did this or not - she has so many different customizations and applications. For more, you can check out my blog for all the curled ring tutorials & links.

    Very inspiring :-)