Tuesday, 19 December 2017


Silly Season! I haven't had my usual rant for a few very good reasons... first of all I managed to leave my phone in the car at the airport when we went to Tenerife for Sirs birthday... he's now an 'old git' having reached the ripe old age of 60!! So... it got very cold and kept going flat for a couple of days when we got back!

Then we've had challenges with heating... something gone wrong with one of the gas fires... and we'd returned to a 30 degree c drop in temperature!! That can't be fixed till after silly season over... Usual MIL challenges, and...

Now do you want another reason why you shouldn't break the bank on kids at silly season?? No?? Well I'm going to tell you anyway!

2 days after our return, I became aware of water advancing from under the fridge... turfed everything out of the pantry where the fridge is. Water pipes go into the bathroom at ground level from the kitchen and enter the bathroom behind the shower! You guessed it... leaking pipe! Turn off water and investigate... hot pipe gone in the wall!

Now we don't intend removing the shower unit, so... the ceiling in the bathroom is going to have to come down! New pipes run... yada..yada.. You know how it goes... No shower or hot water in the bathroom for a few weeks... Now where can I scrounge a shower from....

That's why you shouldn't spend all next years income on the kids! 

Right, rant over. Want to know what I was doing tatwise out there?

Here you go, and it's all that tatty OG's fault from Bard Town!! (Think about it...) Rofl

The one below is no longer with me, it stayed in Tenerife with a lovely lady from Yorkshire called Jane. She used to live in the West Riding and lost everything when her house flooded a year or so ago! She now lives in the apartment complex we were staying in. The reason it stayed? Her late husbands Aunt Eliza made Jane some pillow cases with a tatted edge when they married... she kept them after he passed away as a reminder of happier times. Remember she lost everything? Yes, those too!! I gave her the mat because it reminded her of those pillow cases and Aunt Eliza! It's now residing on her coffee table and nobody can put a cup or vase or anything else on it!

Have a good silly season!!


  1. A Roll of Rachels! So good that one stayed where it was needed, and you can always go all Victorian and wash in a beautiful china basin with a matching jug!

    1. In a bathroom with no ceiling?? In cold water?? Hmmm....


  2. Those are all completely beautiful!!!! :)
    Love your color choices!!! :)

  3. Those are gorgeous! I like the second one best, fabulous colours.

  4. The OG from Bardtown is a clever lass...

    1. I agree but I'm sure she's almost as bonkers as I am!! Vbg

  5. Love your Rachels. Want to borrow an umbrella?!?!?