Wednesday, 14 February 2018

That Doily

As those of you who follow the ramblings of this tatty old git will be aware, a couple of years ago I started Jan Stawatz Monster Doily!  Now earlier in the year it disappeared! I searched for it to no avail! Grrr!! I was even tempted to start again....

On our return from Tenerife back in December we were so cold (a 30 degree c drop in temperature is not my idea of fun), the day after we'd got home I grabbed a thick jumper each. 2 or 3 days later another 2 came out... with the bag containing doily!! It had got folded inside a winter jumper! 

Anyway, tatting hasn't been on my mind while we've been doing the bathroom... now that the only things left are not immediate jobs (grouting and replacing the ceiling) and can wait till the slightly warmer weather... I can get on with knitting a jumper for Sir AND the doily! (As well as the TIAS of course, and back and forth to see mother in law)...

It may pause in a few weeks when we move Young Sir up to the land of Whisky... he's in the process of buying a house up there... but it may go with me!! Vbg

So, I thought you'd like to see it now...

Here you go:

Chat soon


  1. That is so nice. The purple and green reminds me of pansies. You should be around round 12. I hated doing the shells. Yours are done now. Looking good. Keep going.

  2. Cheers Tim! I prefer when I'm doing continuous rounds too... less ends!! Lol