Monday, 19 February 2018


So, the TIAS is over bar the finished pictures. Some beautiful mermaids are appearing from all over the world over on Jane's blog!

Meet Tritana, wife of Triton... they don't meet up very often as you will appreciate when I tell you that Triton lives most of the year in the Adriatic and Tritana much prefers the cold waters of the Arctic Circle!! 

Now I know you're going to tell me that mermaids aren't seen in the Arctic... there's a very good reason for that - she spends most of her time under the ice!! When she is seen fishermen mistake her for a seal!

Arctic mermaids are distinctive with their blue and white colouring and white hair... however their hair changes colour about the same time as seal cubs lose their soft white fur... hence the mistakes! It turns grey which aids the belief that they are seals not mermaids!! They are also very adept at hiding in plain sight up there!!

You can tell an Arctic mermaid from an Antarctic mermaid in summer and winter as the hair is a different colour, however they both look the same in spring and autumn! But... Antarctic mermaids are much rarer!!

Tritana is done in Lizbeth 20 colour 143 and her hair is white Aida 20.

Now I'm off to see what everyone else has done!!
Chat soon


  1. You’re just too funny with your stories.

  2. She is lovely. And I love your story that goes along with her. I lived in Nome Alaska for one year. I'm sure I've seen her lying on the beach off the Bering sea on a cold winter day.