Saturday, 10 February 2018

TIAS Continues

Right, I know you will all want to see the latest instalments of the EFUS.... here you go:

Well, I thought it was an EFUS!!  but one with a human looking head?? Scary!!  I think now it must be a ghost, a mermaid or a merman!!  You will note that I suggested its Ariel today over on the TIAS blog!! Big Li'l Miss and Li'l Li'l Miss will love her!  I may have to make another one so they have one each!! VBG

What a busy liccle B I have been!  Most of the tiles are now on the bathroom floor (just 6 to go but they involve lifting the toilet out and cutting and laying them, drying, grouting and replacing the outlet for the shower and sink before we can put the toilet back!  Yes we only have one loo in the house!!  No we're not moving out!  What are we doing?  Using a camping toilet for a week!!

The cement is back in the wall and drying so we can replace the wall tiles too.  Hint here for anyone else that has to do this mammoth task.... ensure you wrap your copper pipes with something.... cement eats copper!!

Hopefully, next week we can finish the tiles, so I can grout everything,  Sir then can replace all the plumbing, offer the sink back in, decide where it will sit and ensure it's in the right place on the floor... reseat it, and the toilet.... then I'll have a fully functional bathroom around 6 - 8 weeks after finding the leak!!!  I can't wait!! ATM we can't even use the shower!!  Can't remember if I told you that we'd not got enough tiles for the floors.... couldn't get any more 10 years after we bought the first lot.... so we found a tone!!!  I'll show you:

Well, that was a couple of weeks ago!

Now? Tiles in, floor sorted, toilet back, sink back, plumbing sorted... I now have a functional bathroom!!

All that's left to do is finish putting tiles back on the wall and replace the ceiling, then grout the floor tiles in the hallway... that can wait till it's warm and dry!!  Or the floor can at least... Sir and Young Sir are sticking wall tiles as we speak!

Chat soon!

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  1. 6 weeks without a bathroom! - I suppose it shows, doesn't it, that we take such things for granted and that it's perfectly possible to manage without.
    I had the same idea about our mermaid as you did - there is one granddaughter young enough to love her, so she will become a bookmark.