Monday, 4 June 2018

And Another...

HWT Rachel mat bites the dust!!  Quite like the colours in this one, what do you think?

Using up threads that would take forever in the thickness they are... and be impossible to undo when I make the inevitable mastikes.. LOL.  I'm great for that!  Usually when I'm sitting tatting and nattering at the same time, I miscount in my head, don't look down and just carry on!!!  Either that or I glance at the wrong bit of the pattern!!

Anyway, another is about to be wound onto the shuttles shortly, HWT again, with a bit of bling if it works!! VBG

Maybe I'll learn to not make mastikes one day!! Rofl!

Chat soon


  1. Love that HWT. Looks really great. Well you know I love Rachel too!!

  2. I like the beads on the picots because I should think that they would control the tendency of HWT to split apart at those points.