Thursday, 30 August 2018

I can't resist!!

Either pretty patterns or Rainbow Taffy!! Add beads and I'm in my element!

Remember the Rachel mat in Rainbow Taffy & blue? I'll show you again later... we'll that's winging its way to Oz via London, Munich and Istanbul!! It'll arrive in late September in my Aussie/Yorkshire mates bag!!

Well, I had the Rainbow Taffy out and Marilee tweeted about her heart aglow pattern... so I had to get it didn't I?? Also... the charity shop had a necklace that wasn't pretty... but the big beads were!!

And the Mat?

Oh... double trouble... Yorkshire/Aussie Trubble and me!!  The one on the left is the one that brought the books!!

Chat later


  1. What beautiful work and such fun 😃❤😃

  2. Very beautiful necklace, earrings and mat!!!!! :)