Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Have You Ever....?

Had the feeling that 'someone' is interfering with your tatting???

I've cut beads off and thrown tatting over the last few weeks!!  Why? Mastikes a beginner wouldn't make and leave!  Missing picots and their associated extensions (5-5 instead of 5-5-5)... don't spot it till the next round... why can you always guarantee that these things appear at the END of the next round??  So the scissors have had more use than the shuttles!!

So somewhere there's gremlins hiding to grab my shuttles when Im not looking and retrotat bits!!!  My excuse and Im sticking to it!! LOL

Mind you, I have managed to do this:

He's destined to be framed for a new baby due in January... born in the Chinese Year of the Dog!  The pattern is from the little book of Tatted Animals.

Please ignore the purple 'snail trails' it's the camera on me phone!!

Now I've to do the Spider Earwigs before Tonight.  I started them and made errors too!! They've been cut off, beads rescued and will be restarted today! (wrong beads I decided). And its all the fault of that Tatty OG 'somewhere down south'.... if she hadn't shared the pattern and cited me in the associated text.... VBG

Anyway... let's see if I can do them!

Chat soon (sooner than the time since the last post!! Where does time go???)


  1. I’ve had gremlins hiding scissors and things too lately. Well done for persisting, really good gift!

  2. That's right - blame me!!! You can't blame me for the other mistakes though but you can be reassured that I've done EXACTLY the same thing with the same pattern too!!!!

  3. The little dog is laughing, so you must be having fun! I made Jane's spider earrings and gave them to one of my daughters to wear yesterday- I thought her students would enjoy them. But sadly, at day's end, they were like limp rags, I must ask Jane what I should have done to stiffen them.