Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Coriolis or not?? (or a quick Physics lesson)

We've had a holiday!! Gran Canaria for a week! Warmth and Tatty Time! My idea of heaven!! Lol

Hope you've all heeded my warnings about Silly Season Spending... no I'm not going to repeat it!

Anyway, I've been test Tatting... busy making presents and I've still to make some earwigs from that pattern shared by a certain Tatty OG during the week! Going to make some purple n gold ones, white n gold, and red n gold!! Hopefully anyway! 

Young Sir returns home for a few days next weekend. His girlfriend (yes we've met her and she's lovely!) is also going home... he heads south from near Edinburgh and she heads north!! It'll take her longer than him simply because of the road networks and the upsy downsy bits!!

Anyway, a few months ago I offered to test tat a tatty mat for a certain Tatty OG.  The downside of this is that I had to come up with a name!!  They were showing hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere (known as cyclones in the southern...)  Here's what I discovered...

As the world near the equator actually moves faster than the world near the poles you get a differential in movement of water or air.  If you look carefully at standing water draining slowly you will see the effect (water down the sink).  The swirl you see is the coriolis effect in action!  This effect can be altered in a toilet purely by the direction the water comes in when you flush!  BUT... your standing water in the sink can be affected by the pulling of the plug at one side rather then the other.... (hurricanes turn anticlockwise in the north, and clockwise in the south when viewed from above!!)

Right... that's solved that one.... incidentally, mine are cyclonic from the southern hemisphere simply because I'm a left handed tatter!!!  Look at it how you like, I am happy to admit that I tat down side up, back to front, or even left to right.... So there!! LOL

Oh, and Maureen's question over on Jane's blog re Sydney and Brisbane...

The answer is sort of!!  Sydney will be cold because the air is travelling from the Antarctic.  Brisbane is getting wind blowing off a large expanse of water, which is colder than air off the land!

I'm off for a warm drink now!!!

Chat later

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