Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Ann Onnymouse!

Remember the mouse that that TOG 'down south' shared the other day?? (This pattern) 

 Well, this particular TOG had the pleasure of test tatting it!! 

 I christened her.... hence the post title!! I've fed her cheese to stop her running away. Although I can tell you that mouses much prefer chocolate.... It's what the field mice that get into the house think anyway! Think they're brought in by the cats!! 

 Reminds me of a story from 'Mummy' a number of years ago when she had 2 cats and no kids. One cat brought a mouse in (dead) and deposited it on the floor. It was spotted, and she said to the cat 'What's that doing there?' Said cat promptly picked it up, went into the kitchen and deposited it in the food dish!! Lunch!!! LOL 

 Anyway, I know you want to see... here's my version of Ann...


She is pretending to be a Kangaroo!!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for test tatting her for me, Sue. That was a long time ago!!! Love your Ann!!!