Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tat's Abroad Folks!!

Hi All.  Missed me??  I've been 'on me 'olidays'  so to speak!! ROTFL   It was our wedding anniversary last week so I got treat to real Belgian Chocolate.... in Bruges!!!  We went on the ferry overnight on Friday and returned home on Sunday morning!

The map is lace and is located on the side of a canal!  Chocolate & lace... Excellent!!  There were around 300 guides, brownies, guiders and trefoil guild members there as well!  All from Tadcaster, York, Doncaster & Selby areas.  May even end up giving a talk on lace to some of them!

Of course, being a lacemaker and craftaholic.... I had to take something with me didn't I??  Give you 3 guesses.... give in??  Shuttles!!!!  Sat in the bar on both of the evenings and in the morning... tatting.  I had any number of people coming up and asking what I was doing!!  It was fun explaining!  I even ended up tatting mini trefoils for the guild ladies to put on their teddies which had been guarding their drinks!! VBG.  One lady thought I was sewing my fingers together!

Anyway, here's what I was doing on the boat.... the small motif is from Jane's site, and the earrings were a present for Agnes's birthday on Monday.  Yes I know there's only one.... somebody forgot to take a pic of one and so.... 'reconstructed it' and turned it into a different pair!! The pattern is here.

Also, I've done Jane's beaded snowflake!!

Do you think I've been busy???? LOL

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