Sunday, 17 March 2013

Clunies, Tallies, Leaves....

... Call 'em what you will!!  I'se been playing this morning!!  Well, 'he who thinks he should be obeyed at all times' and a friend have gone to a meeting.... so I'm playing!!  I got up at 5.30 to cook them breakfast, make them coffee etc, so what more can they expect??

Anyway, I learned how to make tatty clunies!!  I can make leaves in bobbin lace, but couldn't work out how to make them with tatting shuttles and thread.  I know now though!!  Oh I'se pleased wiv me liccle self now!!  Mind you, I'll be sitting on the cat if she tries pushing me off my chair again.... while I'm writing this!

Here are the first ones!! First not perfect but I'm really pleased with the second one!  And yes, I did rest it on my mac!! VBG

Off for lunch now....  See you Soon!


  1. congratulations, I need to practice them some more so I don't forget how. I have added your blog to my list at my blog so I can see your posts. Thanks for the link.

  2. Your Clunies look great! (I still can't do them...the weaving part works fine for me, but the CLOSING part never budges....I will get them eventually...I hope!)

  3. Congrats You seem to be doing a great job...keep up the good work
    Joy in OZ (Australia)

  4. Thank you Ladies! I followed instructions I found on utube! It seems to work! Mind you, because I could work out the tension without really thinking about it, it was better than being a brand new starter! LOL

  5. Well done! I've long wanted to learn tatting but it's still on my 'to do' list. Glad I found your blog - didn't know you had one! Sandie