Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Tatty Tail....

Well folks... I've finished one of my ufo's.  When I finished I had just 2 inches of thread on one shuttle and 6 on the other!!  Talk about cutting it fine!  LOL

 Here she is in all her glory!!  She's destined to go on a cover cloth for my friends birthday present (she's a lacemaker too, but she can't tat!!)  'Twill be interesting to see what she makes of her in just over a weeks time!  Do you get the impression she likes Nelliephants??  Nellie was designed by Jane Eborall and I found the pattern over on her site...

Postscript.... Just realised 4 days later that I forgot to publish this.  It was saved as a draft in case Agnes saw it!!!  Was saving it for her.... but I forgot to attach it.... so maybe she'll get it at Christmas!!!  ROTFL

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