Friday, 13 September 2013

Summer Holidays and Pups and Campsites!!

Miss me??  Feel as if I've been missing 'since forever'!! LOL  Been up to all sorts of things, including house sitting those puppies and their mum & dad and Great Uncle.... The family went abroad on holiday and, of course, no kennels would take Mum with the pups.... so yours truly ended up with the job!!  Back and forth for 2 weeks, including sharing staying there for the night with my son.... mind you they were funny in the garden at times!  This is Darcy (blue roan) and Charlie (orange roan)  A few seconds later Charlie was chewing Darcy's tail!!!

Also, we went to the Cotswolds for a week, camping.  We treat ourselves to a new tent!!  This one:

It's an Outwell 3 man, so perfect for 2 people who like some comfort!!  The red chair is MINE!!!! (There's a net 'pocket' in the arm, perfect for putting balls of thread and tatting shuttles!!) While we were there we met up with Jane Eborall, and there should be a photo here.... however Chris still has not sorted it from his camera!  Men!!!!  We had fun in Stratford, walking along the river and had a coffee in the Theatre Cafe.  Great to meet up with you Jane!!!!  I gotta bug!!!  Jane, can I show them the tatty bug???

I started tatting Jane's twirly doily while we were there.... I'd got so far with it when Chris let some water into the tent.  Not enough to soak everything, just one of my balls of cotton!!!!  It dried out in the chair 'pocket' during the day! Of course, while it was still wet I needed it.... so I decided to do the Fandango square instead!!

Think I'll make another one and make them into a pair of earrings!!  However, as soon as the cotton had dried out I got on with the doiley!!  Here it is minus its outside edge.... which is still waiting!!

It was fun to do, however will someone please teach me to always check that I have the pattern in my head BEFORE I start a round, and not to go off in my own sweet way and completely miss joins!!!! You know the feeling.... 'I understand this, tat, tat, tat for quite a few hours.... oops, that doesn't look right.... oh no!! missed those joins right from the second repeat!!! Drat!! and spend the next 7 hours undoing what you'd done!!

Anyway, next instalment of what I've been up to following soon!!


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  1. Oh, my GOSH, I hope you don't publish a photo of me (just kidding) as it might grind the internet to a halt or blow all those computers that ARE the www!!! Thanks to our lovely day together you've got me working on the Fandango again!!! Do show the tattybug - it's yours after all!!!!