Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back to School Tatting.

Back again quite quickly!  It's our daughter and son in laws 2nd wedding anniversary in September, and when they got married they gave every guest a small packet of sunflower seeds.  Her theme for the wedding was Sunflowers, she carried them, they were on tables, the wedding cake, etc.  Well, last year one came up out of 4 that we planted.. so I took a photo of it to make into a card for their 1st anniversary.  So, we were hoping that 2 would grow this year....  I've now decided that sunflowers are very contrary things!!  2 didn't grow.... 3 did!!! (Well, Kyra is expecting isn't she??) One of them is massive and has multiple flowers on it!

I may just have to tat Jane's sunflower to retaliate!!!

Anyway, it was back to school week last week.  The little ones started in either a morning or an afternoon for the first 2 weeks.  On Monday they start full time!!  Some of them look so tiny that you are sure they're too young!!  Anyway, it got me thinking about friends and friendship bracelets.  I know how to make them macrame style, scoobidou style, lucet style.... how's about tatted style??

Split rings!!!!

 I've got the one on the left on my wrist as we speak!! (and half of one that looks like the middle one... I ran out of thread!!) It was done in 20 Lizbeth spring garden, and an old Twilleys 20 variegated pink, and happened to be what I had left on my shuttle!  the second was a valdani fine (similar to 80 DMC) and done with 2 strands together on each shuttle, and the third was 1 strand valdani, 1 strand venus 70 and 1 strand dmc 80, with the other side a 20 Lizbeth!  Fun to do and dont take long to make!!  Fundraisers for stuff, here I come!!!!

Now as I have 'permission' to show you tattysawus.... my own personal tatty bug from Jane Eborall... here he is:


Another thing I did was to make some flowers for a cardmaking friend.... another great way to use up me bits!

Oh, I'm thrifty I am!! LOL  well, it's either that or crazy (my BC3 has gone off somewhere and it's not visiting Jane.... I checked!!VBG)

Also, I'd found a pattern, can't remember where, but it sounded fun and uses just one shuttle.... I added beads and am considering making another one for earrings.... and now it definitely is someone else's fault... I've started tatting the Fandango hankie edge in the Valdani 35 wt!!!  And Jane blames me for her working it now.... LOL

Oh well, back to doing something less constructive than computer trawling or tatting.... housework??


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  1. This looks like the pattern on Jennifer Williams website?