Monday, 23 September 2013

New Tat It And See

Hi Folks

Sherry over on Tatting Tales has just created a new Tat it and see.  Today is day one!!  Here's what I've done so far....

I think it's a flying flower necklace at the moment!! VBG  Bet I'm way off tho!!   The thread is Lizbeth Rainbow Taffy, that and the picot gauge came from Roseground here in the UK.  The tatting shuttles and picot gauge are now sitting on the coffee table waiting impatiently for the next thrilling episode!!!

So .... as they say.... watch this space!!

Now what else have I been up to??  Making chutney with plums out of my Mother in Laws garden!  Cuddling the cat that is currently trying to help me type, and sorting my son out ready for an induction into a new temp job tomorrow.  More about that another day, maybe....

Anyway, back to my shuttles - still have to finish off the hankie edging, almost half way round now!!

Chat soon


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