Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Day 2 of Sherry's TIAS

Hi Folks

Well, I eventually managed to do day 2's offering just after breakfast on day 3!!  Well, Sherry is in the US so it was probably still day 2 over there!! LOL

Here's what it looks like so far....

Love the colours!!  It's Rainbow Taffy by Lizbeth.  Think I mentioned that the other day.... but I think it's going to be a favourite thread! VBG.  I feel earrings coming on as well.... diamond ones could look good in it, with beads round the edge.... setting myself off drooling again and I'm supposed to be cooking lunch!  Son has to start work at 4pm until 2.30am tomorrow!  He needs a meal before he leaves here around 3.15pm to get there!

Where's me spare shuttles.... (dilemma.... shuttles or cook, cook or shuttles....??)

Chat soon


  1. Rainbow Taffy makes me smile every time I look at it. Glad there's somebody else out there who has the same feelings about it.

  2. Clever looking pattern..! I like the thread to...